About Us

About Us

N’ụlọ Adaeze is an experimental furniture manufacturing company. We offer furniture and home goods to our customers, and we prioritize sustainability, harmony, and peace. These are aesthetic, ecological, and kinship-oriented goals.

​N’ụlọ Adaeze is a name with Igbo origins; it translates to In the Princess’ House. In Igbo societies, there is an origin, structure, and purpose within the universe that shows up even in items of everyday use. In choosing the name N’ụlọ Adaeze, the  turn is toward an Igbo sensibility—the embodied energetic, conversational, and ancestral aspects of everyday life. The name Adaeze is also associated with beauty and peace, and these intentions are what supports the work..​

We utilize local supply chains and natural fibers. Above all, we are concerned with translating ideas about fabrication to our communities so that they are empowered to make thoughtful decisions.

We are on a mission to make quality home furnishing and design accessible to all.

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